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About Camp Bloom

 Camp Bloom is a place where community is created and campers flourish. Our staff partner in planting positive seeds of encouragement and excitement for summer fun. Families connect with us for a great summer experience and our campers learn as we grow together.


For more than 25 years, Camp Bloom staff have created a safe and enjoyable experience for kids & parents alike throughout many programs in Howard County.


Charles Thomas III

With over 30 years of professional experience as a Camp & Recreation Manager, I founded Camp Bloom of Maryland in the Summer of 2022.


Prior to founding Camp Bloom of Maryland, I designed and led youth programs for Columbia Association

for over 26 years.

Formerly, I served as President of 

the American Camp Association, Chesapeake Section.

In addition to sitting on the board

for  Maryland's Youth Safety

Advisory Counsel and the

American Camp Association.

I believe recreation and leisure are essential to creating a well rounded individual. Adding the summer camp experience will help your child attain

a happier and healthier lifestyle.


Figueroa -Rodriguez

My career spans over 15 years as

a elementary teacher for grades

K-6 in both the public and private

school sectors. I have taught in

various states as my husband

served in the United States

Marine Corp.


As a teacher, I have partnered

with programs to help students

develop and strengthen their

learning and social skills. I have

worked at summer camps, after

school programs, and an early

childcare center. My positions

within these learning

institutions include roles such

as lead teacher, director,

and program developer.


 Serving in diverse communities

with multicultural families has

allowed me to connect with

students, meet new people, and

make lifelong friends. My time

away from work is filled with

volunteering, visiting friends,

and being with family.

Nailah Gibson

I'm an Animal Sciences major on

the Pre-Vet track at

the University of Maryland.


As a camp counselor, I enjoy

watching our campers make new

friends, explore new places,

and create life-long memories!


I can't wait to engage with your

kiddos as we spend the summer

doing a variety of activities that

will grow their minds!




Marcus Gibson

At summer camp, kids are given

the freedom to have fun in a

structured environment. It's a

time in their lives when they

make life-long memories.

I enjoy camp because everyday is different and unique. I can’t wait

to meet our new campers and

engage in outdoor games and

camp activities.


After high school graduation, I

decided to take a gap year. Since

then, I've enjoyed working,

hanging out with friends, and

trying new hobbies.

Camp Bloom of Maryland.png

Gwen Hebron

My career ranges over 40 years at the Community Action Council, in Howard County.  I worked with children ages 3 to 5 and served school age students. My passion is teaching and developing the skills of our youth. My teaching extends into my personal life as a Sunday school teacher at my church.


I led Nature Camp at Columbia Association as their first supervisor for Nature Tots. I truly enjoy working with children and watching them bloom. Being retired has allowed me to enjoy traveling and being with family and friends.


Camp Bloom of Maryland.jpg

Charles Thomas IV

Hi everyone, I am camp counselor Charles, and I will be working Camp Adventure and Camp Excursion!


I enjoy hobbies like fishing, hiking, sports, and traveling the world!


I have 7 years experience working with boys mentoring programs, youth camps and I also have a basketball training business for elementary through college players.

I look forward to going on new adventures and creating lots of new memories with this years campers! 


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